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Long pastas

Pasta is also produced under the trademark of "La Pasta di Felice":

Production of long pastas, noodle nests and special format Zhaima pasta is carried out using classical drying technology with low-temperature modes enabling to keep all useful nutritional and taste properties.

Long pastas and noodle nests with rich amber color and exceptional cooking and taste characteristics will decorate any dish.

Noodle nests are filled with minced meat and vegetables or used as a separate dish or a garnish.

In the production of Zhaima pasta there is used the technology of dough rolling up to the desired thickness like during manual pinning out. In modern cuisine housewives often use Zhaima pasta when cooking Kazakh traditional dish Beshbarmak. Smooth even surface, matt yellow color and elasticity give the product an aesthetic appearance with high rate of cooking characteristics.

Finished goods are packed into packages containing 400 gr, 500 gr, 350 gr, and 2 kg.

There are several types of long pastas that are produced under the trademark of Martin:

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